ICL Principle

ICL Policy No. 1―Be an upstanding member of the Isuzu Group

Over the half century since its founding in 1958, ICL has continued to grow as a unique company in the Isuzu Group.
It has fulfilled its role of developing and delivering the best products for the market, as well as for vehicles developed with Isuzu Motors. As a member of the Isuzu Group, ICL will continue to deliver products that fully support the automotive lifestyles of customers.

ICL Policy No. 2―Give 100% satisfaction to customers

There is nothing that ICL values more than giving 100% satisfaction to customers. That is why it aims to provide high-quality products and service to satisfy the precise needs of customers worldwide and earn their trust. ICL will also continue working to enhance the appeal of customers' vehicles and maintain its customer-first focus.

ICL Policy No. 3―Contribute to society and the planet

ICL's mission is to contribute to society and the planet. Its product lineups include devices that improve vehicle safety such as rear vision systems. ICL will also seek to deliver products that help protect the environment such as fuel-saving aerodynamic parts, idle-free air conditioning systems, and special lightweight body panels.

ICL Policy No. 4―Expand business globally

ICL is expanding its focus from Japan to the rest of the world. While staying in step with Isuzu Motors' aim to be a global leading company in commercial vehicles and diesel engines , ICL will actively develop its business outside Japan. The company intends to fully support the automotive lifestyles of customers worldwide.