Jul, 1958 With investment from Isuzu Motors Limited, "Kyodo Sangyo Co., Ltd." established with a capital of 20 million yen. Head office set up in Minato-ku, Tokyo, and the company begins selling automobile accessories, parts, and tools
Feb, 1964 Capital raised to 60 million yen
May, 1968 Exports of automobile parts to Thailand begin
May, 1981 Capital increased to 120 million yen
May, 1984 Name changed to "Isuzu Car Life Co., Ltd."
Jun, 1988 ICL Building constructed to accommodate the headquarters
Nov, 1994 Name changed to "ICL Company Limited"
Feb, 1995 Capital increased to 680 million yen with 100% ownership by Isuzu Motors. Succeeded entire automotive accessories business of Isuzu Motors
Nov, 1997 ICL (Thailand) Co., Ltd., established to make genuine Isuzu accessories for light commercial vehicles in that country
Mar, 2004 Full-scale business development of the BEST FIX series of maintenance parts for commercial vehicles begins
Dec, 2005 Sales of LED combination tail lamp, developed by ICL, begins
Feb, 2007 Capital ownership (100%) transferred to Isuzu Motors Sales Co., Ltd.
Jun, 2007 Capital increased for ICL (Thailand) Co., Ltd., and additional business development undertaken for genuine accessories for Isuzu commercial vehicles and BEST FIX parts in that country
May, 2010 Launched i-Cool (idling stop cooler) developed by ICL