[Basic Policy for Compliance]

1. Winning trust from our customers
ICL aims to win trust from customers by providing meaningful product and services to the society, and thus contribute to the creation of a prosperous society.
2. Promoting fair and reasonable business
ICL business is based on transactions under fair and free competition.
3. Showing respect for employees
ICL creates a safe and comfortable work environment respecting each employee's personality and character so that everyone can fully demonstrate his/her capabilities.
4. Making contribution to preserving our environment
ICL actively works on environmental protection not only through our business activities but also as corporate citizen residing on earth by involving ourselves with social and regional environmental conservation activities.
5. Contributing to society
ICL proactively undertakes social contribution activities as a good corporate citizen.
6. Ensuring harmony with international and regional communities
ICL respects the cultures and customs of nations and regions involved, and contribute to their development through our business activities.
7. Reliability of financial and accounting information
ICL ensures the reliability of financial and accounting information, and operate in a transparent manner.